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By maritimestandard, Mar 7 2017 10:57PM

Hanjin. Changing Alliances. Overcapacity.

Three quick reasons why today, more than ever, a shipper needs a good Freight Forwarder. A Freight Forwarder that would have protected themfrom a severely delayed blue container - subject to substancial extra costs levied by the port of discharge. A Freight Forwarder that will know which line, in which new alliance, now provides the most competitve solution and the fastest transit times. A Freight Forwarder who will not quote the cheapest rate at the expense of space on a given vessel.

but blah blah blah against a back drop of technology blah blah blah they have to be able to compete in a digital marketplace against the multi million dollar investment in ecommerce solutions of Maersk et al.

Embrace the opportunity. Adapt. Exploit the change. Do what Freight Forwaders do best, but do it in the digital age,

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